The Forex industry offers more and more opportunities for people everywhere to make a profit. Unbeknownst to many people, one of the best ways to assure outstanding profits each and every month is to become an affiliate of the company. A large commission, along with a revenue-sharing program as well as a referral program, makes this opportunity one that cannot be passed up. So rather than sit around and wonder why you're not making the profits you deserve, become one of our affiliates and work with a company that understands our success is built upon your success.

Why Become
Our Affiliate?

The reasons to become an affiliate with us are numerous. Not only are we the number one choice of traders worldwide, but we are also the top trading mobile app in almost 50 countries. In addition to our quick and professional support, we offer an easy registration process and instant activation. Some of the other most notable reasons to become an affiliate with us include:

  • Largest commissions in the industry
  • Advanced marketing tools
  • Real-time reporting stats
  • On-time payments guaranteed every two weeks
  • Most recognizable Forex brand in the industry

With so many reasons to work with us, there's no need to look elsewhere. Winners always like to work with other winners, which is why we always have the best of the best as our affiliates.


While we have the biggest and best commission plans in the industry, it goes far deeper than that. With three programs from which to choose, you can be assured of always having a great payment plan right at your fingertips. You can choose from one of three programs, which include:

50 percent revenue share

For those who choose the 50 percent revenue share, payments keep coming and coming in to you, giving you a source of revenue virtually the rest of your life.

CPA up to

Keep coming and coming in to you, giving you a source of revenue virtually the rest of your life. If you choose the CPA option, you'll get total revenue sharing of 100 percent within the first 25 days of each client's lifetime with you, with possible earnings approaching $10,000.

Sub-affiliate program

If you want to have others working for you, the sub-affiliate program can generate even more sales and revenue for you, earning revenues of 5-10 percent from each client.

Become an Affiliate Today

If it's on-time payments every two weeks and great customer support you're looking for, look no further than us. We know what it takes to make you a great success, having helped others experience it at points in their lives. Join us today by signing up online, and you can be assured you'll be given all the tools needed to make every day a successful day.